Seeing Eye dog

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See′ing Eye′ dog`

Trademark. a guide dog trained by The Seeing Eye, Inc., of Morristown, N.J.
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Noun1.Seeing Eye dog - (trademark) a guide dog trained to guide a blind person
guide dog - a dog trained to guide the blind
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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[USA] Mar 23 (ANI): Human beings having seeing eye dog, is not a novel phenomenon.
The decision, Artis said, opened the door to other rulings for special accommodations for individuals with disabilities, including a blind tenant who needed a seeing eye dog on the property and a person who needed a special parking space.<br />"In each instance, the burden is on the housing provider, not the resident, to show the request is unreasonable," Artis said.
If it is evident the dog is working as a service dog, such as a Seeing Eye dog guiding a blind person, employees should not request or require further clarification.
They may wear glasses, use canes, or have a seeing eye dog (service dog)
Trained as a seeing eye dog, Heston went blind himself due to diabetes and now relies on owner Linda McDonald to guide him through life.
7) allow the use of a Seeing Eye dog both on weekdays and on Shabbat.
Mr Kirsh is an Indiegogo user who loves to call himself a 'good Samaritan.' He launched a fundraising campaign on the Web site on Wednesday, December 18, captioned "Help Cecil Williams keep his seeing eye dog Orlando".
As he tried walking into the restaurant he got stopped at the door, "sorry no pets allowed." Can't you see" said Jim "I am blind, this is my seeing eye dog."
Nancy is blind and she offered to flier for me with her seeing eye dog, Nathan.
If cell phone users text while they drive they may as well have a Seeing Eye dog or a white cane because, according to the VA.
Ross MacDonald school or towards the purchase of a seeing eye dog.
In the song "Seeing Eye Dog," heavyweight rockers Helmet express a bit of contempt for the pursuit of fame: "Nobody was paying attention/man you had the world on the run/everybody jump/everybody swoon/everyone was whistling your tune/now you're dying/to make it last." Certainly, this is a band more prone to doing its own thing than kowtowing to the limelight - a cantankerous streak that's seen the band rise to fame, then break up, and eventually reunite.