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 (sē′tə, -tä)
n. Hinduism
The wife of Rama, regarded as an ideal of womanhood.

[Sanskrit Sītā, from sītā, furrow (because she was believed to have sprung from a furrow ploughed by her father).]


(Hinduism) Hinduism goddess consort of the god Vishnu in the incarnation of Rama
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Noun1.Sita - wife of the Hindu god RamaSita - wife of the Hindu god Rama; regarded as an ideal of womanhood
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Tenders are invited for Terahimafi me harijan basti me godhani road to seeta yadav ke ghar tak c c road
According to this book, Malini was hesitant to play a tongay-waali, but accepted the part because of her trust in director Ramesh Sippy, with whom she had done two films earlier, Andaaz and Seeta Aur Geeta.
The 48-year-old Seeta needed an emergency ceasarian operation before delivering her baby.
Mum Seeta, 48, and dad Giriraj, 50, of Rajasthan, India, said: "She's fought against all the odds.
An ultrasound performed on Seeta 12 weeks before her estimated delivery date revealed a lack of blood flow to the placenta.
Some of her more notable films are Anjuman, Tehzeeb, Umrao Jan Ada, Naag Muni, Seeta Mariam Margaret and Ik Gunah Aur Sahi.
Having started her film career in 1968 with Raj Kapoor-starrer Sapno Ka Saudagar , Malini regaled movie buffs with roles in films such as Seeta Aur Geeta, Sholay, Dream Girl and Satte Pe Satta.
The newly appointed ministers include Seeta Gurung for Physical Infrastructure and Transport; Sarita Prasain for Agriculture Development; Shesh Nath Adhikari for Education; Nar Bahadur Chand for Commerce; Abdul Rajjaki for Drinking Water and Sanitation; Tapta Bahadur Bista for Information and Communications; Amar Sing Pun for Irrigation; Dilman Pakhrin for Law and Justice; Uday Shamsher Rana for Finance; Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary for Labour and Employment; Teju Lal Chaudhary for Youth and Sports; Champa Devi Khadka for Co-operative and Poverty Alleviation; Janakraj Chaudhary for Federal Affairs and Local Development; Sumitra Tharuni for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation; and Yashoda Kumari Lama for Lands Reforms.
grateful for the feedback and guidance from Seeta Pena Gangadharan, who
In an interview with NPR in January of 2015, Seeta Pai, vice president of Common Sense Media, argued, "Research among U.
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