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 (sē′tə, -tä)
n. Hinduism
The wife of Rama, regarded as an ideal of womanhood.

[Sanskrit Sītā, from sītā, furrow (because she was believed to have sprung from a furrow ploughed by her father).]


(Hinduism) Hinduism goddess consort of the god Vishnu in the incarnation of Rama
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Noun1.Sita - wife of the Hindu god RamaSita - wife of the Hindu god Rama; regarded as an ideal of womanhood
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Prince Khalifa conveyed his condolences to King Abdullah on the death of his sister Princess Seeta bint Abdul Aziz.
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Summary: RIYADH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan, deputy premier and minister of defense and aviation, attended the funeral prayer for Princess Seeta bint Abdul Aziz at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque here Thursday.
We are poor people we can't eat such expensive onions," said Seeta Devi, a local.
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Princess Seeta bint Abdul Aziz, president of the program, said the Kingdom is tackling the issue of violence against women and children in all possible ways.