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An influential text of the Jewish tradition of kabbalah, written in Aramaic and Hebrew. Although it is popularly attributed to a second-century rabbi, most of it was probably composed in the late 13th century by a Spanish kabbalist drawing upon earlier traditions.

[Hebrew zōhar, brightness, glow, from hizhîr, to shine; see zhr in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) Judaism a mystical work, consisting of a commentary on parts of the Pentateuch and the Hagiographa, probably composed in the 2nd century ad
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Looking at the poetic mythology of Otherness in the Zoharic tradition of kabbalah, Berman focus on the two main collections, the mid-15th-century Sefer Ha-Zohar or Book of Radiance, and the Zohar Hadash or New Zohar assembled a few decades later, but also draws from two other volumes.
Haskell's Mystical Resistance: Uncovering the Zohar's Conversations with Christianity delineates the nature of the tragic anti-Jewish persecution in medieval Spain, and the manner in which the Kabbalists responded via subtle critiques of Christianity woven into the Sefer ha-Zohar (The Book of Splendour).
(8) And this Moses de Leon referred to here was the putative author of the Sefer Ha-Zohar or "Book of Splendor." (6) A Spanish Jew from Guadalajara, Spain, Moses de Leon produced the main corpus of the Zohar between the years 1280 and 1286.
Es durante esta epoca que aparecio el Sefer ha-Zohar --Libro del esplendor--, cumbre del cabalismo medieval.
La dimension de esta deuda hermeneutica se evidencia a partir de una atenta lectura del corpus central de la Cabala, el Sefer ha-Zohar (o "Libro del resplandor"') (1), unica obra de la literatura rabinica postalmudica que alcanzo estatus canonico en el judaismo, junto con la Biblia hebrea, la Mishna y la Guemara.