(sĕ-fĕ′rē-ä′thēs), Giorgos Stylianou Pen name George Seferis. 1900-1971.
Greek poet and diplomat whose poetic works are imbued with references to ancient Greek history and classical mythology. He won the 1963 Nobel Prize for literature.


(sɛˌfɛr iˈɑ ðis)

n. Giorgos Stylianou
(George Seferis),
1900–71, Greek poet and diplomat: Nobel prize 1963.
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(6) Of another, though less central, colossus, George Seferiades, Miller writes with admiration: "He had a way of looking forwards and backwards, of making the object of his contemplation revolve and show forth its multiple aspects." (7)
Seferiades, in: 'La Question du Repatriement des Marbres d'Elgin Consideree plus specialement au Point de Vue du Droit des Gens', Revue de Droit International, Vol.
His actual name was Georgios Seferiades. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1963.
(11.) Pseudonyme de Georges Seferiades, 1900-1971, diplomate de carriere a Athenes, puis a Londres, Prix Nobel en 1963.
Seferis, Georgeoriginal name Gio^Orgios Stylianou Seferiades also spelled Yeoryios Stilianou Sepheriades (b.