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Sedge, Sege

 a collection of rush-like marsh plants, hence, a group of sea or marsh birds that use it as a nesting place. Also, siege.
Examples: sedge of bitterns; of cranes; of herons—Bk. of St. Albans, 1486.
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He said the assembly has awarded contracts for the construction of other projects, including a bungalow each for the District Chief Executive (DCE) and District Coordinating Director (DCD), a slaughterhouse, and one two-bedroom semi-detached staff bungalow, all at Sege.
Let it, however, not just be a whim, the feeling of, am I not better than these fellows calling the shots, of, why waste this larger-than-life Mathematical brand, or of, is it not time, people like us get involved, because if it is all about I-beta-pass-my-neighbour, touchline ALGEBRA would fail Baba Sege and BODMAS would disappoint him.
'As a result, paediatricians who are treating a child for complex behavioural problems, especially when these problems seem difficult to treat, might do well to consider that the symptoms may have arisen due to prior abuse or neglect,' Sege said.
"Past efforts have basically involved the screen and treat model, where we try to identify and reduce risk factors," said Sege, who also presented at the Annual Meeting session alongside Merrick.
Sege joined as director, head of distribution, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, and will be based in AMG's new office in Zurich.
Sege, 53, most recently served as president and chief operating officer of 3Com Corp.
"We have extensive experience in building leading enterprise networks for some of the largest financial institutions in the world and we are proud to take our expertise and help Central Bank UAE build its next-generation network," Sege concluded.
SEGE: The power of the Internet is based on the fact that the vast majority of our users choose to provide us with information.
Shepherd (|"This grete journee": The Sege of Melayne'), studies the affinities of The Sege of Melayne with Crusade literature; Rosamund Allen (|Female perspectives in romance and history') compares and contrasts the treatment of women in the romances and in Lazamon's Brut; Judith Weiss (|The wooing woman in Anglo-Norman romance') considers the influence of misogynistic theories on the representation of female behaviour in medieval Anglo-Norman romances, and analyses the ideological adaptations found in their English counterparts.
'The drastic fall in salt revenue, which is as a result of some challenges being faced by the salt industry, has awakened us from our slumber and led us to find innovative ways to boost our revenue base,' AdzoteyeLawerAkrofi, District Chief Executive (DCE), explained in his Sessional Address to the assembly members at the General Assembly meeting at Sege, the district capital.
Sege, who is director of ambulatory pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and professor of pediatrics at Boston University and one of the study's lead authors, said in an interview.
Ronald Sege was appointed as president and chief operating officer and to the board of directors as of today.