n.1.(Zool.) The hedge sparrow.
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He lyes doluen bus depe hit is a derfe wonder Bot summe segge couthe say bat he hym sene hade.
Fischer's un-English Under the Frog is a translation of the Hungarian phrase describing when one is in bad circumstances (as in quality of life): a beka segge alatt ("under the arse of a frog").
THORN]e kyng comfortez [thorn]e kny3t, and alle [thorn]e court als La3en loude [thorn]erat, and luflyly acorden [THORN]at lordes and ladis [thorn]at longed to [thorn]e Table, Vche burne of [thorn]e bro[thorn]erhede, a bauderyk schulde haue, A bende abelef hym aboute of a bry3t grene, And [thorn]at, for sake of [thorn]at segge, in swete to were.
The kyng comfortes the knight, and alle the court als Laghen loude therat and luflyly acorden That lordes and ladis that longed to the Table, Uche burne of the brotherhede, a bauderyk shulde have, A bende abelef hym aboute, of a bright grene, And that, for sake of that segge, in suete to were.
60) First information, Anna van Assche: 'Den quaeden die wilt hebben dat ickt segge, ende Engel meester Peeters die dreyght my met een capmes, dat sy my den hals aff sal snyden, dat ick nyet seggen en soude, dreygende voorts, dat sy myn lyff vol spellen steken sal.
And his hede by pe here in his honde haldez; And as sadly pe segge hym in his sadel sette As non vnhap had hym ailed, pa3 hedlez he were in stedde.
22) Let hym ete thys ijii hostes in thre days ffastyng & segge iij patris & iii aues (A).
Bot alle forsakep pe segge With condit as he come-- [And] Tytus segyp pe toun For hard hunger and hote and to pe cite yede he kepip no more.
Hit thas idon ov aloth wiste Segge me ghif ghe hit piste
OE segge (related to OS segg, ON segg-r), is documented in the sense 'man' from the OE times till the late 16th century, but in the 16th century it was merely used as a contemptuous appellation.
When he is first armed, Gawain has assistance - 'thenne set thay pe sabatounz vpon the segge fotez' (line 574); on the second occasion, he arms himself - 'Fyrst he clad hym in his clothes .
14) Soo ic secge eow swa hwoer swa pys godspel byo gebodud on eallum middanearde byo gesced on hyre gemynd poet heo diss dyde -- An- glo-Saxon Soo ic segge eow.