Segment gear

a piece for receiving or communicating reciprocating motion from or to a cogwheel, consisting of a sector of a circular gear, or ring, having cogs on the periphery, or face.

See also: Segment

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Boston- and Toronto-based BPG Werks, creators of the innovative all-terrain dual tracked vehicle (DTV) called the Shredder, have harnessed the exceptional durability and wear capabilities of a high-performance polymer from Valtrex to construct a robust and efficient overmoulded steel drive shaft segment gear. Replacing a coated brass gear, which did not offer the required lifetime, the high-performance thermoplastic delivers a more durable, more reliable transmission solution, with remarkably smooth torque and acceleration response, and offers lower vibration levels that add to the driving experience.
This year, CastExpo'10 featured a new segment geared toward casting designers and buyers, the Cast in North America Pavilion.
Utilizing a 4-axis power PC controller with automatic tailstock and 3D scanning probe head, the GMX 400 provides fully automatic inspection of straight and helical cylindrical gears; spiral and hypoid bevel gears, crown gears, cylindrical worm shafts, conical cylindrical gears, segment gears, to name a few.
Equipped for both stand-alone shop floor or gear lab applications, the tester provides automatic inspection of straight and helical cylindrical gears; spiral and hypoid bevel gears; crown gears; cylindrical worm shafts; conical cylindrical gears; segment gears; shaving cutters and hobs; pinion-shaped cutters; beveloid gears; synchronous gears; 3D geometry; and form and positional measurements, diameters, and distances.
The similar direction of researches is a research of harmonic transmissions with segment gears. Their main difference is the division of a deforming gear (DG) into the segments containing from one up to three teeth (Schmitt, 1994).