Segmental duct

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(Anat.) the primitive duct of the embryonic excretory organs which gives rise to the Wolffian duct and ureter; the pronephric duct.

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Postoperatively patients course was complicated with bile leak from a small segmental duct from liver resection bed which sealed off subsequently with biliary diversion by percutaneous biliary drainage.
In one patient, Segment 2 and 3 merged with the CHD separately and the RP segmental duct (RPSD) joined to the Segment 2 duct.
However, there are situations where the right anterior and posterior segmental bile ducts do not form the right hepatic duct and in 6% to 9% of the cases the right anterior segmental duct joins the left hepatic duct while in 7% to 14% of the cases the anterior segmental duct joins the hilar confluence and forms and three-branch type hilar confluence (c); similarly, in 9% to 27% cases, the posterior segmental duct joins the left hepatic duct [12-14].