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n. pl.1.(Geol.) Local oscillations in level observed in the case of some lakes, as Lake Geneva.
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Seiches occur in lakes, bays and other enclosed or partly enclosed bodies of water.
But the uninitiated should be prepared to deal with shifting winds, currents, and seiches (tide-like water movements) generated by massive Lake Superior.
Changes in the recorded surface temperature field reflect the effects of near-surface air motions, including the drainage of cold air into the crater on the southwest sidewall and seiches of the crater-floor cold pool.
Vivant en communaute relativement dense au large de Bejaia, se nourrissant essentiellement de calmars et de seiches, les dauphins, une espece protegee, accompagnent souvent les bateaux sortant du port.
Seiches can slosh back and forth across the Great Lakes for hours, depending on the weather conditions.
Her research interests focus on sediment transport and the interactions between river flow and Lake Erie seiches and how these processes inform decisions about restoring the environmental integrity of the Buffalo River.
Internal sea level variations are influenced by semi-isolated seiche systems, Belt Sea-Baltic Proper-Gulf of Finland (passing the Gulf of Bothnia) and Belt Sea-Baltic Proper-Gulf of Bothnia, with self-oscillation periods about 25-27 h and 31-39 h However, due to the complicated multi-basin topography, the seiches do not have high contribution to the sea level power spectrum [12].
This is not the first report of seiches in Lake Gatun.
10CFR50 Appendix A, Criterion 2: Design bases for protection against natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tsunami, and seiches without loss of capability to perform their safety functions.
Reports of earthquake-generated tsunamis and lake seiches are rare for New Brunswick.
Seiches (standing waves set up in bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, bays, or even swimming pools) can be generated when seismic waves from an earthquake (including waves from a very distant earthquake that cannot be felt) pass through a region.