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imp. sing.1.Saw.
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laboratory that was designed to seigh PM2.5 filters according to the EPA requirements for PM2.5 weighing labs
The first missing line (line 121) can be explained as a result of an eyeskip, for the previous line ends with the words he seigh hem comen and the same words occur in line 121.
The cast included my friends Michael Downey, Joseph Seigh, Rich Mahr, David Hildreth, and Donna Hildreth.
I'd like to thank Becky Malloy and her CCM peers for their constructive comments; Michael Strasser for suggesting the Cincinnati talk; and Rodger Blum, Rob Provine, Ruth Solie, and William Seigh for reading and commenting on drafts.
Provine, and William Seigh for reading and commenting on drafts of this paper.
I seigh wel that he seide me sooth and, somwhat me to excuse, Seide.