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n.1.A girdle.
1.A saint.
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And if yow list to herkne hyderward, And if you wish to hear further, I wol yow seyn the lyf of Seint Edward; I will tell the legend of St.
Purpose: (B) Hiring of auxiliary administration services and IT, auxiliary services of storage, distribution and portering and public services in store, for the SEINT ACG.
The Life of Saint Clement: A Translation of La Vie de Seint Clement
The Life of Saint Clement: A Translation ofLa Vie de seint Clement
(119) Than That Albizia lucidior (Steud.) Nielsen (120) Thit Bae * (121) Thit Chaw * (122) Thit Linda Heterophragma sulfureum Kurz (123) ThitMaleinmar * (124) Thitpyaungpyan * (125) Thit Seint Terminalia bellerica Roxb.
In these examples, the illustrations are not always visual translations of the text, but sometimes involve a re-conceptualization of it, or as Kathryn Smith observes with respect to the Anglo-Norman La Vie seint Edmund, an enhancement of the text.
donde habia recogido su sangre; De la grace dou seint Esprist de la gracia del Espiritu Santo Fu touz pleins, quant le veissel fue colmado cuando vio el vaso; vist, Et dist:--Sires, Diex toupuissanz, --Senor todopoderoso, dijo, Dont vient ceste clartez si granz?
The narrator reminds us that "Lancelos se fust tenuz chastement par le conseill del preudome a qui il se fist confes quant il fu en la queste del Seint Graal et eust del tout renoiee la reine Guenievre" (3).
"The Unhidden Piety of Chaucer's 'Seint Cecilie."' Chaucer Review 36 (2002): 298-309.
Arnould finds the following inscription, which he suggests is later than the manuscript itself: "De Cauntebrige fu frer Hue; out a noun de Wodefort, frere prechur de seint conversaciun" (52).
The young Catherine of Aragon was greeted, upon her arrival in England, by "a faire yong lady w' a whele in hir hand, in liknes of Seint Kathryn, w' right many virgins on eu(e)ry side of her; and ...
In some instances, the term means as much as erudition" or "sublime knowledge, as in chapters 13.6 ("zu synnenreichen meystern weyssheit gezocket") and 25.51 ("alle kunst vnd meysterschafft mit weyssheyt seint gewurcket").