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n.1.A girdle.
1.A saint.
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The Life of Saint Clement: A Translation of La Vie de Seint Clement
The Life of Saint Clement: A Translation ofLa Vie de seint Clement
The narrator reminds us that "Lancelos se fust tenuz chastement par le conseill del preudome a qui il se fist confes quant il fu en la queste del Seint Graal et eust del tout renoiee la reine Guenievre" (3).
Arnould finds the following inscription, which he suggests is later than the manuscript itself: "De Cauntebrige fu frer Hue; out a noun de Wodefort, frere prechur de seint conversaciun" (52).
The young Catherine of Aragon was greeted, upon her arrival in England, by "a faire yong lady w' a whele in hir hand, in liknes of Seint Kathryn, w' right many virgins on eu(e)ry side of her; and .
the day aftir seint Edward the kyng" [Edward the Confessor October 13, Edward the Martyr March 18/ June 20] ["14.
51 ("alle kunst vnd meysterschafft mit weyssheyt seint gewurcket").
8 [8:5], vil gotter und vill | [215r] herren seint, so ist doch uns nuer ain Got, ain Herr aller ding.
A quick dip into the Middle English Dictionary would have led him to Julian's contemporary John Gower, who wrote, "As seint Gregoire it wrot and sayde, / Al was behovely to the man: / For that wherof his wo began / Was after cause oral his welthe" (John Gower, Confessio Amantis, ed.
As in Chaucer, at the conclusion of Canterbury Tales, disavowing "the boke of Troilus, the boke also of Fame, the boke of the five and twenty Ladies, the boke of the Duchesse, the boke of Seint Valentines day of the Parlement of briddes.
A sampling: prologues and epilogues, literary traditions of love in the Lais, speaking through animals in Lais and Fables, and gendered sanctity in L'Expurgatoire seint Patri and La Vie seinte Audree.