carpe diem

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car·pe di·em

 (kär′pĕ dē′ĕm′, -əm, dī′-)
Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.
Such an admonition.

[Latin : carpe, seize + diem, day.]

carpe diem

(ˈkɑːpɪ ˈdiːɛm)
enjoy the pleasures of the moment, without concern for the future
[literally: seize the day!]

car•pe di•em

(ˈkɑr pɛ ˈdi ɛm; Eng. ˈkɑr pi ˈdaɪ əm, ˈkɑr peɪ ˈdi əm)
Latin. seize the day; enjoy the present, without thought of the future.
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To seize the moment and show what I could do, so that they would say, "He's clever, though he is absurd," fact, damn them all!
"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved!
The aim is to 'seize the moment' with lifestyle photography and showcase eyewear through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Unfortunately, she's about to discover that there's less inspiration to seize the moment back home in Birkenhead than there was under the majestic northern lights, especially with her son Pete (Dean Andrews) and daughter Paula (Elizabeth Berrington) making demands on her time.
Let's seize the moment and take brave steps which can heal our society's wounds.
The key now is for all of us who made this wonderful spectacle a reality to seize the moment. This cannot be left to our elected representatives or elite athletes, we all have a responsibility to ensure the Olympic flame continues to burn brightly.
It is time to seize the moment and do something constructive on gun control before the next horrendous act of gun violence occurs.
SHAUN EDWARDS has urged Wales to seize the moment when they bid for a World Cup semi-final place at Ireland's expense next Saturday.
Regency Coral: 9-2 Blue Bee, 6 Blonde Fletch, Lorrys Options, 7 Bower Hawk, 8 Head Iton Jason, 14 Penskey Rain, 16 Black Paws Down, Crash Bandit, Droopys Start, Saveourstow Lass, 20 Bridge Diamond, 25 Baran Colorado, Hovex Brandy, Seize The Moment, Slick Saxon, Superstar Lily, Ten Dollars More, Useful Asset, 33 Bubbly Blues, Dukes Corsair, Mercury Peter, Rio Venturo, 50 Hee Haws Montana, Rancey Beauty (e/w 1/4 1,2,3,4).
"The Secretary-General calls on all parties in Bahrain to seize the moment and engage in a broad-based, peaceful and meaningful dialogue involving the political opposition and civil society in the interest of all Bahraini people," the spokesperson said.
Researchers in a wide range of biological sciences seize the moment by discussing such topics as understanding gene duplication through biochemistry and population genetics, myths and realities of gene duplication, statistical methods for detecting the functional divergence of gene families, the energy and material cost of gene duplication, evolutionary and functional aspects of genetic redundancy, gene and genome duplication in plants, and whole-genome duplications and the radiation of vertebrates.