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v. t. & i.1.To seek.
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The largest Greek company for purchasing and processing of tobacco, SEKE SA, will soon launch the construction of its production facility in the industrial zone in Krusevo.
The Greek tobacco company SEKE of Xanthi will be the first in Krusevo's industrial zone 'Opalenik'.
mightest seke" the quotations "after in the Bible," it does not offer a full biblical translation.
(33) ffaire sone Alexander' - thou mon first vnderstande yat the noble ancienephilosophouris fand be naturale science /yat all man is maid of four' elementis / - and of four ' contrarious ' humouris / and has ay nede of metis and drynkis to nuris ' that composte /- or ellis he may nocht lest / And than (33a) gif he takis mare of sik Ivftade na nedefull is--till his nature he will be seke /-And (33b) gif he takis lesse na is nedefull alssua he will be seke /.
In doing so the reader/listener does not labour to absorb the message, for example, that Chiweshe is the brave chief of Harare and its surroundings (Vatongi venyika yeHarare), whose kingdom is given birth to by a series of victories against his foes, namely chiefs Seke, Nyamweda, Rusunga of Shawasha, the rebellious Mafema, Zharare, former chief of Harare and Zumba, chief of Gomba.
seke na straunge ynglis, bot lyghtest and comonest.
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I shal hym seke by wey and eek by strete, I make avow to Goddes digne bones!
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