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Noun1.Sekhet - a lion-headed Egyptian goddess; typifies life-destroying power of the sun
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His rundown home had a torn and ragged England flag pinned outside while two rottweiler dogs -- named Sekhet after the Egyptian lion goddess and Toots, short for Tutankhamun -- could often be heard leaping at the door.
Time as both loss and repetition is signaled from the outset: the novel opens with a letter dated September 14, 1983, when N.'s bandmate Djamilaa comes to practice with a new piece entitled "Sekhet Aaru Struff." This creation is, in fact, a repetition, an allusion to N.'s own earlier composition "Sekhet Aaru Strut." In the musical world of Molimo m'Atet, each work is already a remake, restlessly continuing toward another articulation, strut becoming struff on the way to Sekhet-Aaru, a heavenly reed field in Egyptian mythology.
He indicated that Wadi El Natrun used to be called "sekhet hemat" in hieroglyphic, which means "salt valley." Ancient Egyptians used to extract the needed salt for mummification from this area.