Select vestry

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a select number of persons chosen in large and populous English parishes to represent and manage the concerns of the parish for one year.

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The site's history dates back to the 1830s, when the original Moss Side building was sold to Liverpool Select Vestry in 1872, and used as a convalescent home for children from Liverpool's workhouses.
Dating from 1834 to 1856, hundreds of detailed and intimate histories of the poor men, women and children have been uncovered from the Liverpool Select Vestry.
What the members of the select vestry viewed as their chief duty, however, was to set the poor to work.
And so, in March, 1822, the select vestry declared to the rate-payers of Aston that they were doing all in their power to set the poor to work.
He was made a member of the Select Vestry and a Trustee of the Poor from 1812 to 1815.
In May 1999, Rev Pickering and his select vestry rejected a call from church's ruling General Synod to prevent members of the Orange Order from attending morning service at the annual Drumcree parade.
The Rector and his select vestry believe the current public perception of Drumcree is an incorrect and unfair one.
There were quite a few industrial schools in the Merseyside area, including the Liverpool Industrial School for Girls in St Domingo Vale, Everton; Kirkdale Industrial School, which was opened in 1845 by the Liverpool Select Vestry as a school for the Liverpool Workhouse, St George''s Catholic Industrial School for Boys West Derby, St Elizabeth's Industrial School in Breckfield Road South and the Grafton Street Industrial School for Boys.
She was accepted by the Select Vestry of the Workhouse (its committee) in 1865, thus becoming the first nurse to be appointed superintendent of any such institution in Britain.
The service was to be held in the CoI church this year but the rector, Rev David Palmer, and his select vestry decided to exclude not just the RBP but future loyal order services in the interests of community relations.
Agnes was accepted by the Select Vestry of the Workhouse (the committee people of the time) in 1865 and became the first trained nurse to be appointed superintendent at any such insitution in Britain.