Selective Service System

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Noun1.Selective Service System - an independent federal agency that administers compulsory military service
independent agency - an agency of the United States government that is created by an act of Congress and is independent of the executive departments
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A recent court case, National Coalition for Men versus the Selective Service System found that, "If there ever was a time to discuss the "place of women in the Armed Services" that time has passed." Women have all the duties of citizens we pay taxes, we serve on juries, and we serve in the military but we do not have all the rights.
Nevertheless, Miller's ruling matters -- and is grounded in common sense -- because federal law still requires men to register with the Selective Service System when they turn 18.
19: First group of Saline County men left for World War I camp under Selective Service System, 1917.
Sixteen million of draft-age men, meaning those who were covered by the Selective Service System, escaped military service by a variety of legal and illegal means.
"He was already classified and determined not to be subject to the draft under the conditions in place at that time," Richard Flahavan, a spokesman for the Selective Service System, told the New York Times last year.
Because of physical differences that will not change, the Selective Service System would have to divert scarce time and resources to evaluate and train thousands of women just to find the small percentage who might be minimally qualified for fighting units such as the infantry.
This petition is made to you in order to avoid injustice and unnecessary litigation in the courts which would be burdensome to both me and the Selective Service System. This petition to you gentlemen as the State and National Directors of Selective Service is not made for the purpose of delay but in order that justice may be done by the avoidance of a multiplicity of legal proceedings that will be burdensome to both me and the Selective Service System.
Instead, we urge both organizations, consistent with the church's respect for individual decisions made in good conscience, to call for abolition of the Selective Service System.
This prompted the Selective Service System to immediately post the following notice on its website: "While there has been talk recently about women in combat, there has been NO decision to require females to register with Selective Service, or be subject to a future military draft."
Achieving this was closely entwined with phasing out the divisive and inequitable selective service system, which in turn relied upon the steady withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam, which was itself driven by the military personnel funds available in Laird's defense budgets.
Wright presently serves as a local board member of the US Selective Service System, Morris County Chapter.

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