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The mental image or perception that one has of oneself.


(Psychology) psychol the whole set of attitudes, opinions, and cognitions that a person has of himself
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Results showed significant correlation between students' self concept in mathematics and their AGOs.
The equation revealed that in predicting mood states of adolescents only three independent variables family pathology, academic achievement and self concept were found to be significant predictors contributing 63.
The present study aims to translate English version of Tennessee Self Concept Scale (TSCS: 2) into Urdu language and to assess its reliability.
The effect of teachers' inferred self concept upon student achievement.
Life events, self concept and adolescents' positive subjective well-being.
183 participants (N = 183) randomly assigned to two half-groups took both the English and Persian versions of the Self Concept Scale (SCS) in two counter-balanced administration sessions with a time interval of 3 weeks.
Self-concept is one of the significant psychological concepts for many of the developmental, clinical, social, and specifically educational outputs, it is in the common sense the positive self concept may contribute positively in enhancing the academic achievement level, as it consisted of two elements, descriptive and evaluative, the first represents the first represents the individual's personal belief or what can be called the self image (Marsh, a 1990).
Effects of achievement and gender on LI German and L2 English self concepts: Results of two way analyses of variance Dependent Variable: Self Concept LI German Factor Variables df F P [[eta] .
In order to fulfill the objectives of the study, a short demographic sheet that comprised of participants' personal information; four attitudinal scales and an Urdu adjective list (UACL) to measure adolescents' self concept were used.
As age and grade levels increased the ability of an individual, and realization toward self increases; thus real self concept can develop.
Objective: The objective of the present research was to investigate the difference of self concept between intellectually gifted and non-gifted secondary school children.

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