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The mental image or perception that one has of oneself.


(Psychology) psychol the whole set of attitudes, opinions, and cognitions that a person has of himself
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With concerns being voiced over the positive and negative effects of advertising on self concept, we wanted to see how messaging might affect people both psychologically and physiologically," explains Michelle Niedziela, PhD and scientific director at HCD.
Employees' self concept may influence their commitment to work in the aftermath of organizational change like downsizing.
It's been found that the self concept perceptions of the students who continue general schools are higher than the ones who continue music high schools.
negative self concept, confusion, contradictions, and the agony of cognitive dissonance); emotional (e.
438 * Block 2 Depression Social self concept Block 3 Depression x Social self concept Model F value 7.
Sport participation and physical self concept were the primary variables of interest.
What is the relationship of selected school climate and parent attitude on self concept and educational perceptions of urban high school students at the 10th and 12th grade?
Academic self concept was predictable if counselors spent low time on individual and group counseling, performed a high number of functions, spent low time on consulting, and spent high time on placement functions.
Greenblatt discusses the need for the ophthalmologist to be aware of other services and devices available to the individual which will allow them to continue functioning and can make a significant difference to the individual's self concept and willingness to accept the services.

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