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Earning one's livelihood directly from one's own trade or business rather than as an employee of another.

self′-em·ploy′ment n.
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[ˌselfɪmˈplɔɪmənt] Ntrabajo m autónomo, trabajo m por cuenta propia
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[ˌsɛlfɪmˈplɔɪmənt] nlavoro autonomo
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Level of self employment has been on the increase since 2001
He further averred that present day Universities must aim at preparing students for self employment and private enterprises.
The report - Going Solo: Understanding Self Employment in Wales finds that the majority of the increase in self-employment since 2008 has been because of positive entrepreneurial "pull" rather than dependency "push" - the gig economy, while a current concern, is actually a very small proportion of the selfemployed.
The Chief Minister's Self Employment Scheme has taken the form of a movement and revolution and it is a splendid program to minimize the gulf between the rich and the poor.
MOVING from full-time employment into self employment is not an easy decision to make.
Viewing self employment as a response to lack of suitable opportunities for wage work.
"The Effect of Health Insurance Subsidies on Self Employment," Journal of Public Economics, vol.
In these economic conditions, some are considering business ownership or some other form of self employment but simply don't have the information to take the first step.
The results show that for all farm size categories self employment is the major contributor in household's non-farm income and its inequality in both zones.
Overall, the results relating to education highlight the importance of distinguishing between the two types of self employment. Our findings accord with those of previous studies, which have suggested that employer status self-employees are more highly educated than their own account status counterparts (see Parker 2004, for a review of this area).
(7.) Ideally, a self-employed individual should be considered to have failed in self-employment if the difference in the present values of income streams between self-employment and the opportunity cost of self employment is negative.

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