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The detection and prevention of dangerous, inappropriate, or illegal acts without use of an external authority.

self′-po·lic′ing adj.
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There's always been self policing but that only goes to a point.
This may lead to self policing by other giant corporations too for adopting better and eventually best practices.
Self policing does not work in certain aspects of people's lives.
The medical profession are self policing, allowing the negligence and incompetence being experienced throughout the nation to go unpunished, to give this organisation, which is rapidly accruing a reputation to distrust and indeed fear, the right to remove vital organs without let or hindrance is licence too far.
NorwegianBlue: "20mph limits have been shown to be pretty ineffective unless they are 'self policing'.
Historically the Geothermal Industry has relied on self policing, independent websites and geothermal organizations to provide information, best practices and vetted installers.
"Supporters groups said they would step up their efforts on the self policing drive and they've done that.
But to help Rangers make this self policing initiative work the police must start doing their duty.