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Referring to oneself or itself: The biographer's account of the poet's life was surprisingly self-referential.

self′-ref′er·ence n.
self′-ref′er·en′tial·ly adv.


reference made to oneself, to one's own character or experience, or to a group with which one identifies.
self′-referen′tial, self′-refer′ring, adj.
usage: Social, ethnic, or other groups often use terms of self-reference in a neutral, even affectionate or jocular way, much like nicknames. However, when used by outsiders, these very same terms may be perceived as highly offensive. Examples of self-referential terms are nigger, geek, Canuck, conch, queer.
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2) For example, Chapter 6, note 51 stretches across a page and a half in miniscule 8-point type and contains ten references and self-references (and gets one self reference wrong to boot
When approaching such dealings it is well to keep in mind three factors: the Self Reference Criterion (SRC); your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA); and the zone of doability.
080 Table 5 Relationship between total citations and self citations, and between total references and self references for integrative and complementary medicine journals in 2006.