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a.1.Lowering or humbling one's self.
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Those who treat their mother tongue with abject worthlessness actually put themselves and their culture in self-abasing humiliation,' Sheikh Rashid said in his address.
For Two Thousand Years is an enactment of this ironic and self-abasing attraction.
Meanwhile, the running monologue of its bare-chested antihero--whose various crudely scrawled tats keep shifting from one self-abasing phrase to another (ass hole, troll, bankrupt)--bubbles in the background, hovering just at the threshold of intelligibility and acting as a placeholder for all of the characters' general inability to come to grips with the world or to communicate with others about it.
When Morse made the mistake of inviting Bishop, her peculiar Vassar friend, into her remote sanctuary, Soares, the brazen South American butch, fell in love with the mousy, self-abasing poet and determined to keep both women, refusing to be bound by patriarchal convention.
Citizens can still get arrested for criticizing royalty and are obliged to employ self-abasing obsequiousness in any reference to the king.
Included, too, are commentaries on Spenser's accepting -- but never self-abasing -- attitudes toward race and sexuality.
He is more interested in the latter because he reformed the already self-abasing Benedictine order in the eleventh century, making voluntary seif-flagellation "a central ascetic practice of the church" and thus accomplishing the thousand year struggle "to secure the triumph of pain seeking" (107).
More tiresome than anything, Australian novelist Julia Leigh's debut feature, "Sleeping Beauty," concerns a self-abasing college student who doesn't distinguish among her various dead-end jobs, one of which involves being drugged into a near-coma and manhandled by strangers.
There is something ludicrous, even self-abasing, about all this, and Raphael writes about Calisch with notable irony.
In an extremely effective technique, two gazes are constructed: one, in color, is that of the documentary; the other, in black and white, a "making-of' in which the cynical director and cameraman are seen at work, provoking the poor (with cash) to perform self-abasing acts.
Why did Upham, a moderate Congregationalist with a respect for science, present Madame Guyon's self-abasing piety to his contemporaries as worthy of imitation rather than threatening?
Then there are those who are appalled he is coming back so soon after the grovelling, self-abasing apology for his conduct that he made last month.