n.1.Admiration of one's self.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Pyotr Petrovitch, who had made his way up from insignificance, was morbidly given to self-admiration, had the highest opinion of his intelligence and capacities, and sometimes even gloated in solitude over his image in the glass.
The company also believes in body love and self-admiration, while its motto and tagline are 'Put It On, Be Your Own Admirer'.
Imam Ali bin Abi Talib SA has explained that self-admiration and conceit hinder growth and further development.
The facts on Lahore traffic paint a decidedly dismal picture compared to Mr Khan's strokes of self-admiration. Thousands of motorcyclists drive recklessly without driving licences, lights or indicators; many put their own lives at risk and those of others by attempting new world records of how many can be accommodated on a two-wheeler.
Beware and do not develop the trait of self-admiration and self-appreciation.
Although Drochon does not investigate important contemporary issues related to Nietzsche's criticisms of the Kaiserreich's populist "racial self-admiration," his study succeeds in delivering a well-researched and thoughtful analysis of Nietzsche's "great politics" in the context of both Nietzsche's writings and their cultural and political settings.
MIKE Phillips has always given self-admiration a good name.
Grandville depicted writers as Parisian dandies whose favorite pastime was self-admiration. In one caricature, a narcissistic writer increases his height by standing on a pile of his own books, stretching to gaze in a mirror (page 140).
He said: "Our religion encourages people to alleviate themselves from demeaning behavior, including arrogance, self-admiration and pride.
Third, he defined a subversive general profile, referring to Doy-an: "I think the people who have such qualities as self-admiration, persuasiveness, superficial charisma, ruthlessness, feeling no regret, lack of empathy, and the desire to lead people -- which can be regarded as psychopathic tendencies -- should be assessed very carefully before being appointed as senior commanders.
But "We're Number One" hyper-patriotism is simply the collective self-admiration of empty minds.
In the dark ages of the selfie, they were taken in front of a mirror; however, mobile phone companies have capitalised on the self-admiration of youngsters and have begun to put cameras on the front of phones to enhance selfie practicality.I think we all know that we belong to a generation that likes to document with vigour everything they do, whether legal or not, apparently.

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