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n.1.The quality or state of being self-consistent.
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Blasi (1993) argued that moral judgement can reliably predict moral behaviour when moral judgements are filtered through responsibility judgements and lead to action via the inclination for self-consistency. As result, less difference between sense of morality and personal goals distinguishes highly moral people from others (Colby & Damon, 1992).
Finally, he found that there is a self-consistency between covariance principle, space-time symmetries and tensor forms which has lead to axiomatic system of modern physics.
Without the A-Part of the Object, we Modelers could not Locate a Proto1, so we could not claim it is Local; without the B-Part of the Object, we Modelers could not claim that a Proto1 is Closed (self-consistency by the Modelers when operating into the formalism).
It must, of course, be true to itself as an intellectual enterprise, which is to say, it must be able to hold its own in terms of self-consistency, rigor, and human scope, and at the same time--impossible though it might seem--answer to the demand that in its ultimate results it correspond to the simplicity of the Gospel itself.
A key notion for exploring this question is the concept of self-consistency, which involves matching the consumer's self-identity with the brand's personality (Rojas-Mendez, Papadopoulos, & Alwan, 2015).
In Chapter Three, Seeman explains the pressure put on the "Feres Mura" to have "Purity of Heart," by which he means "self-consistency under scrutiny, the avoidance of what Kierkegaard calls 'double-mindedness' and the pristine sovereignty of a detached observer's gaze" (p.
Among the topics are forbidden toys and transgressive thoughts, the rise and fall of the high-impact experiment, the power of the self-consistency motive in social life, attitude importance and dissonance reduction after counter-attitudinal advocacy, a tiller in the greening of relationship science, giving psychology away to energy policy, and writing about psychological science.
The second part of the book consists of one long chapter on ion cluster theory in thermodynamics, with discussion of the SReM model and suggested criteria for checking self-consistency of sub-system parameters.
Deutsch himself has a theory of self-consistency, though he said he himself isn't completely happy with it.
Look at your own offerings and your own brands and your company, and ask: "Does this all have an internal self-consistency? Does it match?
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