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a.1.Consuming one's self or itself.
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Like a plethoric burning martyr, or a self-consuming misanthrope, once ignited, the whale supplies his own fuel and burns by his own body.
That is where the kernel of this torrid, irrational Hindu bitterness against the Muslims lies and wherefrom all this self-consuming resentment and loathing for everything Muslim emanates.
On their latest recording, rumored to be the last of their color-coded releases, Baroness go full tilt on self-consuming immolation such that the song titles alone like 'I'm Already Gone,' 'Throw Me An Anchor' and the closer, 'Pale Sun' already reveal a fixation with death.
The problem was solved when the self-consuming wick was invented, making it possible to extinguish a candle safely by simply blowing it out.
Candle wick trimmers, vital for fire prevention prior to self-consuming wicks
He was tearing apart the balance in nature which was recreating while destroying, restructuring while deconstructing, reassuring while self-consuming and reorganising while distributing.
Friedman's message may have been useful in its time, but that message ultimately has proven to be self-consuming and destructive to real capitalism.
New research points out that intermittent fasting (IF) if carried out in the right manner can actually trigger autophagy (autophagous or self-consuming membranes form around cells that scavenge dead cells, gobbling up these and cleansing the body), reducing inflammation and disease, triggering fat loss, healing and a host of benefits.
It was easy then to mock their naive belief in that orange orb of self-consuming fakery, and even easier now, as Trump has, by some distance, the worst approval ratings ever for a US President entering his second year in office.
Daniel contests Stanley Fish's analysis of Burton in Self-Consuming Artifacts, rightly claiming that Fish limits himself to an account of the Preface but doesn't really venture into the guts of the labyrinthine work.
Moreover, it is the devastating self-consuming potential of neo-liberalism that suggests that the entrepreneurial self should always become better, stronger, smarter--more individualized.
I find this to be an excellent balance to the often solitary and self-consuming nature of being an artist."

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