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Tending to undervalue oneself and one's abilities.

self′-dep′re·cat′ing·ly adv.






having a tendency to disparage oneself


belittling or undervaluing oneself; excessively modest.
self′-depreca′tion, n.
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Adj.1.self-deprecating - conscious of your own shortcomings
apologetic, excusatory - offering or expressing apology; "an apologetic note"; "an apologetic manner"
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Using this contemporary form of positive psychology, he presents a countercultural view of the world and challenges the status quo of the American culture steeped in negative news and critical self-deprecation.
In the current social-media obsessed climate of self-promotion, Martinez brings her unique style of positive self-deprecation, baring her soul (and possibly more), in an attempt to understand the absurdity of modern living.
Positive esteem and self-deprecation were measured with the 10-item Rosenberg (1979) Self-Esteem Scale.
He also has a dry wit that borders between self-deprecation and self-absorption.
In his speeches, writings, and public persona, he says, Lincoln combined modesty and attack, consistently engaging in strategic self-deprecation to deprecate his opponents, their policies, and their arguments, thus refiguring satiric discourse as political discourse and vice versa.
There's an endearing honesty and frankness to the 43-year-old Irishman's show that doesn't just peak at the usual self-deprecation of bare-it-all stand-ups.
He used it to mock celebrities and others who masked their braggadocio in self-deprecation.
THERE is an argument to be made that humility and self-deprecation are key facets of the Sunderland support.
The article is a brilliant, humorous example of self-deprecation and self-assessment.
All are keenly observed by Suzanne, whose witty self-deprecation endears her to us even as it makes us want to shake some sense into her.
Miranda's giddy self-deprecation might not be everyone's taste but if you do love it, it really is such fun.
A few liters of the wrong hair color mixed with a measure of self-deprecation can be a malignant.