n.1.Enjoyment of one's self; self-satisfaction.
References in classic literature ?
Of such bodies and souls the self-enjoyment calleth itself "virtue.
With its words of good and bad doth such self-enjoyment shelter itself as with sacred groves; with the names of its happiness doth it banish from itself everything contemptible.
Ask yourself, "Am I using precious time only on trivia or self-enjoyment, when we should spend it on things that really matter?
The uniqueness of the grass was observed when some scientists, while out on field trips, relaxed in the wood and sang for self-enjoyment.
3 years) completed questionnaires that assessed self-enjoyment and attribution of enjoyment to the other sex for each of 18 sexual activities.
At later sages, however, they fell into self-enjoyment and the outcome was irreparable.
Wood turning for me is complete self-satisfaction and self-enjoyment," he says.