n.1.Enjoyment of one's self; self-satisfaction.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With its words of good and bad doth such self-enjoyment shelter itself as with sacred groves; with the names of its happiness doth it banish from itself everything contemptible.
Of such bodies and souls the self-enjoyment calleth itself "virtue."
Are you using your riches only for personal needs and self-enjoyment or do you share them with the needy and less fortunate?
When antebellum women gathered together in small parlors to share their stories of past sexual self-enjoyment free from the aid or hindrance of men, did no one's heart rate speed or pupils dilate?
Steven Shaviro continues the discussion of value in 'Self-Enjoyment and Concern: On Whitehead and Levinas'.
Wells begins with a very brief introduction that lays out his four criteria for folk songs: oral/aural transmission; unaffected style; non-commercial art performed for self-enjoyment; alive and part of an ever-changing tradition.
The uniqueness of the grass was observed when some scientists, while out on field trips, relaxed in the wood and sang for self-enjoyment.
The 197 female and 150 male participants (mean age 19.3 years) completed questionnaires that assessed self-enjoyment and attribution of enjoyment to the other sex for each of 18 sexual activities.
At later sages, however, they fell into self-enjoyment and the outcome was irreparable.
"Wood turning for me is complete self-satisfaction and self-enjoyment," he says.
[Marcie Chang: Well, as you can see, the Pause-O-Meter is flashing all eights in the background; and from the look of deep self-enjoyment on the president's face, this promises to be one of the pauses that seem to last for hours or even days.