n.1.The act of estimating one's self; self-esteem.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Moidered by that inherent bitchiness tacky with self-estimation we struggled on with reading the sentences the senselessness It is it ought to be self-evident even to the author that the particular senselessness of those sentences revolves itself on severances a sensory syncopation masquerading as sensation meaning the act or experience of any sense any sensing oh knowing this what took to be self-evident as self-proclaimed in the hucksterville clapperboard a denied verisimilitude forced to point itself out as clever leaving lights as leaving lets
The higher your self-estimation is allowed to soar, the more you feel you've earned the right to insulate yourself from culpability.
They may be good for our brains, but they don't do much for our self-estimation.
Over and over in the play, the doctor effuses his thanks to anyone who agrees with him in his self-estimation. It's almost as if he isn't actually sure of his own worth.
However, for a long time, the fact that children can achieve more or less correct self-estimation degree of fatigue that come from performing a particular exercise was ignored.
The results obtained did not provide evidence for sex differences in self-estimation of IQ.
The lack of self-reflection and self-estimation appears to prevent students from developing metacognition knowledge of estimation strategies, even when their performance as measured by the CEA assessment improved.
Positive Affect and Negative Affect Scales The PANAS provide a self-estimation of both positive and negative affect.
Finally, in order to provide their self-estimation, players were requested to make individual rating assessments based on their own observation and the criteria provided by the coach, using the same 6-point scale.
An extensive body of literature reports that significant, cross-cultural sex differences do exist in the self-estimation of both multiple intelligences and g factor intelligence (Furnham & Akande, 2004, Furnham & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2005, Furnham, Hosoe, & Tang, 2002, Furnham & Mottabu, 2004).
Luther opposed this vehemently, insisting on the 'alien work' (opus alienum) of God, which destroys 'the false self-estimation of human that God may effect His 'proper work [opus proprium],' the shaping of the person into a 'new creation' (45).