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n.1.Inherent existence; existence possessed by virtue of a being's own nature, and independent of any other being or cause; - an attribute peculiar to God.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The soul raised over passion beholds identity and eternal causation, perceives the self-existence of Truth and Right, and calms itself with knowing that all things go well.
Sartre displays a curious twist in the drama, for paradoxically, on his account, passivity finally entails self-existence. But it seems that Sartre confuses here (deliberately) the logical necessity of the consequence, "If I support, then necessarily I exist," with the necessity of the consequent, "If I support, then I exist necessarily." And again, this is supposed to imply that existing necessarily is the same as being self-existent, which is not obvious.
They always conspired to ensure self-existence. If old methods of power transfer continued or, reverted to under any pretext or promise, the centuries old ways would not withstand the new found yet mature enough freedom of the vigilant populace of the New Village.
The challenge in cultivating the correct view of emptiness is to refute completely all notions of independent self-existence without denying valid interdependent existence" (66).
He was to confess his lack of purpose and his continuous, hopeless quest for the grounds of meaningful self-existence not only in his writings--plays like Die Familie Schoffenstein, Der Zerbrochene Krug or Amphitryon documenting the same issues from various perspectives--but also in letters to Wilhelmine (cf.
"Another factor that draws people to their favorite soap opera is that in the real world, they acquire a sense of self-existence and self-awareness, while they are able to experience the characters' every different emotion: joy, fury, sorrow, or happiness," she added.
has been to intend a mode of self-existence far more powerful and unrestricted than the one it sets out to dismiss" (p.