n.1.The act of exposing one's self; the state of being so exposed.
References in classic literature ?
There was a moment when my suspense on this point was so acute that I all but broke out with the question, and what kept it back was but a kind of instinctive recoil (lest it should be a mistake), from the last violence of self-exposure.
The luxury of self-exposure kept her almost happy through the long evening.
Yet when all was ready, cans of alki in their solitary hands, the three things that had once been men hesitated, as if of old habit, and next betrayed shame as if at self-exposure.
Netanyahu's attendance at the French rally was indeed an act of self-exposure to reveal the Zionist narrative.
She draws a direct line from Wilde's playful but public dalliances with self-exposure to his insistence on the suit to the New Journalism's publication of the "Savoy Hotel evidence," including a maid's testimony, absent proof, about "shit stains on Wilde's bed sheets" (81).
The article examines Vander's narrative as an attempt at a truthful account of his life, combined with the conflicting tendency to resist self-exposure.
The window footage nostalgically evokes a prurient period eye from the 1950s, but the other tics of Vasistas--the blurred faces, Petschnig's own eccentric vamping--are conditioned by today's technologically accelerated cycles of surveillance and self-exposure.
There's self-exposure and risk in both these actors' work here, which makes for rewarding comedy.
APPENDIX 2 Parameter Estimates ([gamma]) Parameter ([gamma]) Estimates (SE) Male [right arrow] self-exposure to -.
In some aspects reminiscent of Lawrence himself, though with much less variety of tone and register, it has a certain mesmerizing momentum and often disarms by its seemingly naive honesty and self-exposure.
It is really difficult to be working like this under the scorching sun during the summer, but I need to earn extra money for my family back home," he explains his self-exposure to the heat and the health risks it poses to him.