n.1.Gratulation of one's self.
References in classic literature ?
But, as I have already observed, your jesters, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, are fat, round, and unwieldy -- so that it was no small source of self-gratulation with our king that, in Hop-Frog (this was the fool's name), he possessed a triplicate treasure in one person.
Prettyman stayed, with some internal self-gratulation that HE had never given in to Freely, and that Mr.
Sartwell's is an extreme case, and that the fascination is largely negative (except for the aforementioned twist of self-gratulation that comes with the implicit claim "I'm more self-loathing than you are") does nothing to render the example more edifying or admirable.
Ez was waking at three in the morning after walks round and around the block, and hours of television watching, interviews so larded with self-gratulation and preening self-deprecation that five minutes after hearing them he couldn't identify the speakers.