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a.1.Knowing one's self, or one's own character, powers, and limitations.
2.Knowing of itself, without help from another.
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It just takes such a huge amount of internal strength and self-knowing to face that choice, to make that choice and then bring along all the people that love you and are going to miss you," Jensen said.
Hipsterism has become a focus for ridicule; with its careful and yet rough-around-the-edges, self-knowing design-style appropriated by big business and marketers keeping up with latest voguish fashion trends and an excuse to come up with ways to charge more for stuff.
If Hollywood, for example, serves them a winky, ironic, self-knowing billboard for the movie The Expendables, they will crudely remix it as "The Deplorables," adding the heads of Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, and the ultimate shitpost mascot, Pepe the Frog, himself randomly repurposed from Matt Furie's charming comic strip Boy's Club.
I can't--nor should I--dismiss the glories of living with Kay in the flesh: her beauty, her radiant smile, her self-knowing and consciousness of the other, her magical way with children--including our own five sons--her alertness and insights that stunned me into silent awe.
Therefore, in Boat Pose, we create this wonderful connection to the earth, grounding ourselves and coming back to a place of self-knowing.
It's bling with a cheeky, self-knowing wink, reflecting the character of owner Steven McLeod, a one-man Mardi Gras who grew up across town in the Raploch - the tough housing scheme that resembles Romania, without the gymnastic ability.
In sum, Baetens and Frey's open, flexible definition suggests that "the graphic novel, though not necessarily a sharp break at the level of form or market conditions, represents at least some level of self-knowing 'play with a purpose' [vis-a-vis] the traditional comic book form, and in some cases a radical reformation of it" (19).
And there were three more Scream films after the clever, self-knowing, teen slasher 1996 original, which grossed over PS65million.
Lacking the self-knowing ridiculousness that makes the Mission Impossible films so much fun, it resorts to stealing its best (only?
Most generally, the 'fractured self' is not only a theme used to tie together the various issues Freudianism raises about subjectivity, but the image also reflects the complex array of topics that might be collected under the notion of selfhood, broadly understood: existential freedom, historical consciousness, self-knowing and self-identification, agency (configured socially and morally), and other matters so critical to contemporary discussions in cultural studies, psychology, philosophy, and sociology.
Sufis to sleep and how to reduce it was considered rules and conditions including rights of self-knowing and sleep.
Whoever lovingly lost shirt on his back Was cleansed from greed and wanton attack Rejoice in our love, which would trade Ailments, of every shade and every grade With the elixir of self-knowing, chaste With Hippocratic and Galenic taste.