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n.1.Life for one's self; living solely or chiefly for one's own pleasure or good.
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These particles are nonbiodegradable with a long self-life containing up to 30 wt% of the anaerobic degrading microorganisms.
As such, four separate bias scores are produced, one for each "trial type" (e.g., self-life, self--death, others-life, and others--death).
This study therefore tests the assumption made with previous research, whether explicitly or implicitly, that nonnative participants do indeed demonstrate specific "self-life" and/or "self-not-death" biases (i.e., Dickstein et al., 2015; Harrison, Stritzke, Fay, Ellison, & Hudaib, 2014; Nock et al., 2010; Price, Nock, Charney, & Mathew, 2009; Price et al., 2014; Randall.
However, as discussed previously, the nature of the IAT precludes the ability to determine which specific relational responses drove this effect (i.e., self-life, self-death, others-life, others-death).
1, which demonstrates participants' strong "self-life" biases (i.e., participants were faster to respond to "self' and "life" with "similar" relative to "different").
Among the topics are principles of sensory self-life evaluation and its application to alcoholic beverages; the gas chromatography-olfactometry of alcoholic beverages; the sensory characteristics and sensory analysis of table wines; the production and sensory properties of gin, grape-based brandies, sugar cane spirits cachaca and rum, tequila, and mescal; and new applications of conjoint measurement for consumer research in the wine industry.
Scientist from a wide range of fields involving sea life, fisheries, food processing and sales, and nutrition and health explore such topics as the sensory evaluation of fish freshness and eating qualities, the quality and safety of packaging materials for aquatic products, food-borne pathogens in seafood and their control, using predictive models for the self-life and safety of seafood, environmental contaminants, a new approach to the functional improvement of fish meat proteins, marine oils and other marine nutraceuticals, and seafood enzymes and their potential industrial application.