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n.1.Motion given by inherent power, without external impulse; spontaneous or voluntary motion.
Matter is not induced with self-motion.
- Cheyne.
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Furthermore, the VOS, somatosensory, and visual inputs are integrated to provide sensations of self-motion, spatial orientation and balance during navigation.
Through a close examination of Avicenna's novel take on Aristotle's refutation of self-motion, the author develops a case for Ibn Sina being possibly the first Peripatetic to have a reflected view of what thought experiments are and how they function.
For most people, this ability to see self-motion in darkness probably is learned, the authors conclude.
Communicated motion implies self-motion because: a.
Specific processes attributed to this network include perception of self in vertical space, perception of self-motion, and navigation.
This way tax management would be given a self-motion mechanism to achieve its main goals i.
In an effort to situate the Timaeus as a project of natural philosophy within the Platonic corpus, Charles Kahn traces the trajectory from the Phaedrus to Laws, showing how the metaphysical epistemology of the earlier Phaedo and Republic, after the Phaedrus, augments the being/becoming distinction with the self-motion of Soul.
Optic flow provides information about self-motion relative to the illuminated environment, that is, surfaces in the environment that reflect light (generally, light sources are outside the field of view).
For the self-motion of an animal (which must necessarily be a local motion (40)) is not something that attaches to an animal, according to Aristotle, precisely insofar as it is a natural substance, since there are many natural substances incapable of self-motion.
Participants were given ineffective pills, before being sat on a stool inside a drum with vertical stripes that induced the illusion of self-motion.
The processing includes a number of key functionalities such as vehicle detection, lane finding, road curvature preview, vehicle self-motion, pedestrian detection as well as interior camera technology for passenger and driver out-of-position detection for smart airbag deployment.
The issue of self-motion in Aristotle is itself a tricky one, with some Aristotelian scholars believing that Aristotle permitted self-motion and others denying it.