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n.1.Motion given by inherent power, without external impulse; spontaneous or voluntary motion.
Matter is not induced with self-motion.
- Cheyne.
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When summarizing Descartes's account of his previously held belief that bodies lack the power of self-motion and that only souls possess it.
when a visual scene updates later than expected because of lag)--lead to conflict in the neural mechanisms responsible for interpreting and responding to orientation and self-motion (Money, 1990).
Mid-seventeenth-century concerns regarding agency and organization enabled the vitalistic philosophy of self-motion to provide a discourse for nonhierarchical and inclusive political association.
But even in the case of animal self-motion, the soul is moved accidentally as it accompanies the body (Physics VIII.
The discovery may eventually lead to new therapies for people with Alzheimer's disease and other disorders that impair a person's sense of self-motion, noted DeAngelis.
However, Boethius adopted a more complex understanding of the self-motion of the soul and, consequently, articulated a more nuanced account of sin and the healing effects of Providence.
Optical simulations of self-motion often give rise to the subjective experience of self-motion relative to the inertial environment, which is referred to as vection.
This may cause the illusion of self-motion in the opposite direction (referred to as vection).
Therefore, Aquinas cannot, as Gallagher would have it, be considered a voluntarist as regards the self-motion of the will.
Conflicting cues of self-motion and spatial orientation occur as unavoidable side-effects of existing technology.
In the Phaedrus the soul is seen as the arche or explanation for its self-motion and indestructibility.