n.1.A neglecting of one's self, or of one's own interests.
Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin
As self-neglecting.
- Shak.
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complex needs of self-neglecting elderly, and need to be changed to
years, then is she self-neglecting when the house becomes cramped with
as self-neglecting, but cognitively intact and having no diagnosed
the mortality risk for the self-neglecting individual was almost six
self-neglecting. (79) Self-neglecting elderly also had increased
self-neglecting individuals are likely to lack contact with family,
facilities that causes the elderly to remain in self-neglecting
subject to abuse, neglect, exploitation, or is self-neglecting" to
2007, Rhode Island did not include self-neglecting elders in its
Some states, concerned that the "danger to self" criterion was being employed only when an affirmative act of harm was shown (e.g., a suicide attempt or self-mayhem), attempted to explicitly permit commitment based on self-neglecting behavior.
This is all in the good cause of raising awareness among the traditionally more self-neglecting sex of the symptoms and treatability of testicular cancer.