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Noun1.self-organization - organizing yourself (especially organizing your own labor union)
organization, organisation - the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business; "he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department"
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This project defines and explores learning at the edge of chaos -- a community, place and experience to discover and explore children's learning as a self-organizing system.
The horizontal communication between the assembly station and the mobile robot with the assembly pallet, which carry one particular product from one assembly station to the other in the search for the assembly station, which can complete the next assembly operation, is the kernel part of the self-organizing system.
Over the past decade there has been increasing interest in the concept of the city as a complex, self-organizing system.
Like them and from the point of view of an emergent, the church is a self-organizing system of relations, symmetrical or otherwise, between innumerable member-parts that themselves form subsets of relations within their smaller networks, in interlacing levels of complexity.
Cultivation of personal structure implies that the self is a construction and that the individual is a self-organizing system.
Maintenance: A self-organizing system must try to maintain itself.
Fletcher believes that the "strong message of this poetry [is that] a good society must become a self-organizing system, without too much top-down control" (12).
In the first chapter, Sornette places historical extreme financial events--in particular, market crashes--in a complex, self-organizing system framework.
No pre-set structural framework should be forced upon the team as self-organizing system must be developed.
Invoking the economic notion of a self-organizing system, Enron had a strategic vision which, absent a management that understood the risks associated with it, created gigantic vulnerabilities which went unrecognized until it was too late.
That is to say, the order in a complex, adaptive, self-organizing system arises from the interaction of the basic elements: fish, birds, ants, or, in this case, small units and individual soldiers.

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