a.1.Beginning with, or springing from, one's self.
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Original man exercises the liberty, created in him as powerful as that of God, yet created by God and not self-originating itself as it is in God.
Pure spirit: the final vortex of self-thinking, self-originating activity .
With regard to the scientific doctrine of "emergence," he asks how a mindless, self-originating, self-enclosed universe could be so "restless" and "inventive.
God's personal will is revealed in incarnation, as the will of the self-originating God (echoes of Coleridge).
Bloom's analysis of belatedness tends to show strong latecomers reacting to this obligation by trying to see themselves as self-originating.
7) The paradoxical character of charismatic figures (which is a version of the paradox of the precursor, or of Lacan's description of the phallus as always allegorical, never the possession of a person) consists in (our belief in) their incomprehensible ability to see themselves as self-originating, their incomprehensible ability not to wonder about the source of their charisma, about the origin of their power of self-origination.
Here an element of passivity as regards inspiration (poetry comes to the poet, as it does to the reader, naturally) combines with an image assimilating to the poet the self-originating abundance of the natural world: the poet is like the tree.
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