a.1.Beginning with, or springing from, one's self.
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That is, all self-originating, authentic answers are deemed beneficial to one's well-being.
Such self-originating values that are considered healthy to the existential therapist might conflict with the objective values centered in God.
Original man exercises the liberty, created in him as powerful as that of God, yet created by God and not self-originating itself as it is in God.
Pure spirit: the final vortex of self-thinking, self-originating activity ...
With regard to the scientific doctrine of "emergence," he asks how a mindless, self-originating, self-enclosed universe could be so "restless" and "inventive." He points out that scientists often implicitly rely upon teleology despite their claim to reject purpose in nature.
God's personal will is revealed in incarnation, as the will of the self-originating God (echoes of Coleridge).
Bloom's analysis of belatedness tends to show strong latecomers reacting to this obligation by trying to see themselves as self-originating. Even if their original vocation was as readers of other poets rather than as writers, they free themselves by claiming to be beholden to no one for their poetic wealth.
Here an element of passivity as regards inspiration (poetry comes to the poet, as it does to the reader, naturally) combines with an image assimilating to the poet the self-originating abundance of the natural world: the poet is like the tree.
But this compliance, to be absolute, has to be self-originating: otherwise it would be a passivity accepting the data of its character from an external source, including the datum that it should comply with those data.
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