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Published by oneself or with one's own money: a self-published memoir; a self-published poet.

self′-pub′lish v.
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Award-winning author and self-publishing expert Peter Bowerman explains how to do-it-yourself publish and earn a solid living in The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, a how-to guide that especially focuses upon the steps of the process and how to maximize profits.
"We created Independent Artist Publishing because we recognized a genuine need" says Linda Schaner, president of The Mill Pond Press Companies, "We can help self-published artists, or artists considering self-publishing, devote more of their time to the creation of art rather than to the business of art and all that publishing entails."
The good news is that ownership, often starting with self-publishing, is beginning to translate into power, although with great struggle.
After self-publishing four books and setting up a Web site to promote them, the Boston-based couple saw their mix of traditional romance and gay elements catch the eye of major imprints.
How to Start and Run a Small Book Publishing Company: A Small Business Guide to Self-Publishing and Independent Publishing
Every month, thousands of authors turn to self-publishing."
Very well drawn, perhaps Nicotina won't be self-publishing for long...
Self-publishing, despite the freedom, has its downside, Doran explained to The Comics Journal: "You just don't have any clout when you're all by yourself....You can't negotiate, you can't get the best prices on printing...because you're just a single person.
That self-publishing was the only viable alternative for an aspiring authors wanting to be published and have what they'd written reach the general reading public.
Libraries Partnering With Self-Publishing: A Winning Combination
Green Bay, WI, October 30, 2016 --( BookWhirl Publishing LLC, a rapidly growing self-publishing company, launches its latest marketing service, New York Times Media Blast.
Our goal with this new section is to discover the best new books published independently and made available to customers in the UK and we re thrilled to have partnered with NOOK Press, one of the leading self-publishing platforms, to exclusively deliver this content through next April, said Philip Jones, Editor at The Bookseller.