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Noun1.self-report inventory - a personality inventory in which a person is asked which of a list of traits and characteristics describe her or him or to indicate which behaviors and hypothetical choices he or she would make
personality assessment, personality inventory - a questionnaire that is supposed to yield a description of a person's personality traits; "a personality inventory is a direct test of personality, as contrasted with a projective test"
California Personality Inventory, CPI - a self-report personality inventory originally derived from the MMPI; consists of several hundred yes-no questions and yields scores on a number of scales including dominance and self acceptance and self control and socialization and achievement etc.
EPI, Eysenck Personality Inventory - a self-report personality inventory based on Hans Eysenck's factor analysis of personality which assumes three basic factors (the two most important being extraversion to introversion and neuroticism)
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, MMPI - a self-report personality inventory consisting of 550 items that describe feelings or actions which the person is asked to agree with or disagree with; many scales estimating traits and qualities of personality have been developed using MMPI items
16 PF, Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire - a self-report personality inventory developed by Raymond B. Cattell to measure the 16 personality dimensions that emerged from his factor analysis of a wide range of traits
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Questions have been raised about the results based on self-report inventories.
Topics such as screening tests, taking psychosocial history, signs of adolescent substance abuse, self-report inventories, referral, and diagnosis are discussed in this chapter.
This edition discusses more tools and methods such as issue-specific tools and self-report inventories.