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1. Selection of or by oneself.
2. Selection of merchandise by oneself from a display counter or rack in a store.

self′-se·lect′ed adj.
self′-se·lec′tive adj.
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"This research is based on anecdotal evidence from a small, self-selecting sample of less than 0.04% of current Universal Credit claimants, whereas Universal Credit is working for the vast majority who claim it.
Also, the online survey was a self-selecting sample and so may not be representative of all those who take the Risk Score and it may be that those who were diagnosed with Type 2 were more likely to take part in the survey.
Those conducting the survey say it should be "taken with a pinch of salt" because of the self-selecting sample.
But should decisions about laws that will affect over a billion people be taken by a self-selecting sample of even 12 million people with no electoral legitimacy.