n.1.A view of one's self; specifically, carefulness or regard for one's own interests.
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It's costly and more difficult to change their self-view. Most team members will not and cannot accept becoming the "moral coward" in their life story.
As a result, CFA confirmed that the scale was composed of three factors: "self-view","world view" and "future view".
Second, we subscribe to the notion that consumers' product choice is not merely driven by their desire to match self-values to a product but, more importantly, is directed by their aspirations to enhance their self-view confidence (i.e., self-enhancement) through what they buy and consume (Gao, Wheeler, & Shiv, 2009).
[USA], Dec 6 (ANI): People with a narcissistic self-view are less likely to support the idea of democracy, a recent study suggested.
As for its process, Watson and Hill (1993) pointed out that our self-view conditions and controls what goes on in our minds, and argued that our "self-view has emerged from a vast complex of past and present influences--on the view we perceive others holding about us, on our past achievements and failure, on memory-banks of good, bad, and neutral actions and impressions" (p.97).
Because superstars are privileged when it comes to income, accommodations and expectations, they wrote, "that privilege can lead to a self-view that they are above the rules, which can foster mistreatment."
However, recent studies have concluded that "the Arabs adapted their self-view to what can only be called trans-national Arab identity which has potential of one day turning into a state" (p.
This self-view emerged just as Britain was altering the fundamental nature of its Empire into a Commonwealth of self-governing Dominions, a shift that continued into the 20th century with the conversion of these Dominions into independent nations bound loosely to the mother country.
But another aspect is being aware of how consistent (or inconsistent) our self-view is compared to an external appraisal--how other people see us or against objective data.
In a context where women are frequently considered as intellectually and socially inferior and frequently denied freedom and a voice, they develop the self-view that they do not possess any power, and they are weak and are unable to think and decide wisely.
Highly narcissistic individuals believe they can learn from experience better than others around them and seek continuous affirmation of their inflated self-view by exhibiting their superiority, devaluing others and reacting aggressively to criticism.
Self-verification is the tendency of the individual to verify, validate and sustain the self-view, regardless if positive or negative (Greenwald, 1983; Swann, 1990).