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Referring to oneself or itself: The biographer's account of the poet's life was surprisingly self-referential.

self′-ref′er·ence n.
self′-ref′er·en′tial·ly adv.


reference made to oneself, to one's own character or experience, or to a group with which one identifies.
self′-referen′tial, self′-refer′ring, adj.
usage: Social, ethnic, or other groups often use terms of self-reference in a neutral, even affectionate or jocular way, much like nicknames. However, when used by outsiders, these very same terms may be perceived as highly offensive. Examples of self-referential terms are nigger, geek, Canuck, conch, queer.
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By modeling conversations on 200 topics, the researchers determined a range of so-called depression-associated language markers, which depicted emotional and cognitive cues, including "sadness, loneliness, hostility, rumination, and increased selfreference" that is an increased use of first-person pronouns, such as "I" or "me."
Can the use of paratextual elements like mock-scholarly footnotes, typographic variation, and selfreference really be considered examples of multidisciplinarity?
Even his most stubborn detractors can't be blind to Chapman's strengths -- what puts them off is his weakness for interminable selfreference.
This finding eventually became known as the selfreference effect (SRE); furthermore, a subsequent meta-analysis (Symons & Johnson, 1997) showed that this effect has been a consistent finding.
Brook (comp.), SelfReference and Self-Awareness, John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam, pp.
What is common in both is endless selfreference. One refers to his body, the other to his mind.
Language (natural and formal), vision, and music seem to share at best the following attributes: a hierarchical organization of constituents, recursivity, metaphor, the possibility of selfreference, ambiguity, and systematicity.