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 (sĕl′jo͞ok′, sĕl-jo͞ok′)
A Turkish dynasty ruling in central and western Asia from the 11th to the 13th century.

[From Ottoman Turkish Seljūq, name of the reputed ancestor of the dynasty.]


(sɛlˈdʒuːk) or


(Historical Terms) a member of any of the pre-Ottoman Turkish dynasties ruling over large parts of Asia in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries ad
(Historical Terms) of or relating to these dynasties or to their subjects
[C19: from Turkish]



also Sel•juk′i•an,

1. noting or pertaining to any of several Turkish dynasties that ruled over parts of SW Asia from the 11th to the 13th centuries.
2. a member of a Seljuk dynasty or of a tribe ruled by them.
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Noun1.Seljuk - any one of the Turkish dynasties that ruled Asia Minor from the 11th to the 13th centuries; they successfully invaded Byzantium and defended the Holy Land against Crusaders
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
Adj.1.Seljuk - of or relating to the Seljuks
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He was tasked by the Seljuk Sultan Malik Shah to assume astronomical observations necessary for the reform of the calendar.
In addition, a copy of the Quran dating back to the fourth century written in Kufic script, a golden bracelet from the Fatimid period dating back to the 11th century, incense brazier from the Seljuk era at 1038-1194 AD and a collection of swords and daggers from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century.
Ecankyry offers all its visitors a new experience that includes rich folklore, rock salt caves, monumental trees, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, as well as ancient ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods.
After six hours in a traditional oven, the dish is transformed into a delicacy that once graced the tables of the Seljuk Turks.
The original structure of the hospital is still intact, revealing Seljuk architectural designs in terms of its plan, form and ornamental elements.
I had repeatedly written and requested the then Pakistan Ambassador in Ankara: Karamatullah Ghori, Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Education: Safdar Mehmood and Federal Minister Zubeida Jalal not to close it but rather shift it to the Seljuk University in Konya, but no one heeded.
From the history, we also know a lot about how the Great Seljuk Turkmen state at one time rose to a high level of civilization, turned into a center of world culture, and with the beginning of the XI century crusades it also turned into a center of world politics.
In case of Iran it may mean a revival of the Safavid Empire, even a Seljuk Sultanate may work for them although it was mostly Sunni.
He said Owjan was one of the cities of Azarbaijan during the Seljuk and Ilkhan period which played a significant role in the social, political and economic life of that time as such that Ghazan Khan, the Mongol king, built establishments in the city and called it Dar al-Islam.
We will crown our great and everlasting journey, starting from Seljuk Empire to Ottoman Empire and reaching the young Republic of Turkey, with our 2023 goals and carry it to a higher level with our visions for 2053 and 2071," he added.
Moreover, empire characteristics of the Seljuk and Ottoman states have contributed to the diversity of Turkish Cuisine.
Among the topics are examining the potential values of vernacular houses in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia, using multimedia to document and archive the Islamic architectural heritage of the Holy Mosque area in Saudi Arabia's Makkah City, implementing Islamic patterns in interior design to enhance the spiritual aesthetic, functional spaces and furnishing designs in the historical Anatolian Seljuk and Ottoman hospitals, and the amalgamation of Indo-Islamic architecture of the Deccan.