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Noun1.Selkup - one of the people of mixed Ostyak and Samoyed origin in Siberia
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
2.Selkup - the Uralic language spoken by the Ostyak-Samoyed
Samoyedic, Samoyed - the Uralic languages spoken by the Samoyed in northwestern Siberia
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They include: Altaians, Buryatians, Dolgans, Koryaks, Kumandins, Mansi, Selkups, Tuvinians, Khakasians, Nenets, Hunts, Evenks and Russians.
Such myths are well known among the Abkhasians (Ivanov 1980), the Hittites (Ivanov 1980), and the Selkups (Prokofjeva 1976), wherein a cruel god, a representative of the lower world, tears or eats up the moon.
The image of a mammoth as a gigantic bird is known among the Ob Ugres, Selkups, and Evenks (Toporov 1982).