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Serving as a warning or signal of danger.

[From Greek sēma, sēmat-, sign.]


(Zoology) (of the conspicuous coloration of certain animals) acting as a warning, esp to potential predators
[C19: from Greek sēma a sign]


(sɪˈmæt ɪk)

warning of danger, as a conspicuous marking on a poisonous animal.
[1885–90; < Greek sēmat- (s. of sêma) sign]
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In originating general sematics Alfred Korzybski dealt with many differnt kinds of human misevaluations, including the confused thinking and unsane behavior resulting from certain uses of "is" and other form of verb "to be." He developed the structural differntial, a training device for describing and differentiating relationships: relationships between reduced and expanded ranges of attention; between processes over time; between individuals; between groups; between names, labels, and other verbal maps and the non-verbal world of objects, events, and processes; and between many other relationship as well.