a.1.Half barbarous.
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Felly hefyd y dyfyniadau o'r Llyfrau Gleision a'r Times a geir yma, a'u sn am yr iaith fel "vast drawback", "the curse of Wales" a "semibarbarous language".
AG LEXIS 40, *2-3 (1885) (referring to "the well received doctrine of international law, that consuls in barbarous or semibarbarous states are to be regarded as investing with extraterritoriality the place where their flag is planted").
no longer anchored to a dark and semibarbarous past, but a redeemed city, beautiful to the eye and attractive to the heart, a bond of perpetual union, an angel of peace on earth and good will to men, a common ground upon which Americans of all races and colors, all sections, North and South, may meet and shake hands, not over a chasm of blood, but over a free, united, and progressive republic."