a.1.Half compact; imperfectly indurated.
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(8) Every [[tau].sub.1][[tau].sub.2]-[delta] semicompact space is [[tau].sub.1][[tau].sub.2]-[delta] compact.
So the sequence [{[g.sub.m]}.sup.[infinity].sub.m=1] is semicompact. Applying the proposition (see [22]), [{[g.sub.m]}.sup.[infinity].sub.m=1] is weakly compact.
Sarak M.S., On semicompact sets and associated properties, International journal of mathematics and mathematical sciences, Vol, (2009) , ArticleID465387, 8 pages doi:10.1155/2009/465387.
An element k of L is said to be semicompact if k [??] k.
A countable set {[f.sub.n] : n [greater than or equal to] 1} [[subset].bar] [L.sup.1](J, E) is said to be semicompact if
These minerals were in turn covered by a loose to semicompact mass of halloysite intermixed with doyleite.
Haberdashers would pluck the bow's taught, catgut string above a mass of loose fur, causing it, the curator's caption explains, "to interlace and produce a semicompact, oval sheet of fibers called a 'batt.'"
The panicles are semicompact, glumes cover approximately 20% of the seed, and the grain is easily threshed from the panicle.
Aboard the escaping Semicompact Utility Vessel [SUV], putting increasing distance between themselves and their colleagues Pang and Dolly, were sisters Reggie and Veggie, and the aging genderfree Professor Heimloch Satorious.
Each vine generally produces only a couple of melons; 'Yellow Doll', which grows on semicompact vines, produces more fruit.
Pal, "On compact and semicompact fuzzy soft topological spaces," Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, vol.