a.1.Half formed; imperfectly formed; as, semiformed crystals.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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difficile toxigenicity founded in liquid stool samples of hospitalized patients and the possibility of asymptomatic carrying in 2% of patients with formed stool (17), the quantitative colony counts were sufficiently high to detect the bacterium irrespective of stool consistency and the semiformed stool should be sought for the pathogen in symptomatic patients with frequent stools18.
With this technique, Carter achieved lower urinary tract infection rates and an easier way to manage the stomal output, changing liquid feces from the old technique to semiformed feces, continuous urinary output, and better acceptance from the patients having only one stoma [9].
Overall health was scored as follows: 4, no bleeding with normal stool; 3, no bleeding with semiformed stool; 2, fecal blood (+) with pasty and semiformed stool; 1, fecal blood (++) with tar stool (+); and 0, bleeding (+++) with tar stool (++).
Clinical examination revealed emaciated body (Fig.1), alertness, activeness, polyphagia, rough hair coat, hind quarters soiled with faeces, abdominal discomfort, and semiformed stool.
Emaciated body (Fig.1), weight loss, alertness, good appetite, rough hair coat, soiled perineum with faeces emitting foul odour, abdominal discomfort and semiformed stool aroused suspicion of malabsorption/malassimilation syndrome.
It is only pertinent for children with encopresis: voluntary or involuntary passage of formed, semiformed, or liquid stool in places other than the toilet.