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Any of various partially frozen desserts with a mousselike consistency, made with eggs, cream, sugar, flavorings, and often other ingredients.

[Italian, half-cold, semifreddo : semi-, semi- (from Latin sēmi-; see semi-) + freddo, cold (from Vulgar Latin *frigidus, alteration of Latin frīgidus; see frigid).]


n, pl -dos
(Cookery) a partially frozen Italian dessert similar to ice cream
[Italian, literally: half cold]
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Semifreddo is defined as a "semi-frozen ice cream dessert," while goat cheese is called by its French name, chevre, with no explanation.
THIS semifreddo recipe is a great way to impress your guests this festive season - and far from being difficult, it is much easier than you probably imagine.
Desserts range from $8 to $11, and the pistachio semifreddo (like a frozen mousse) is especially nice ($9).
For dessert (although we were flagging by this point) I opted for the Blue Bubblegum Semifreddo Torte (PS4.
Hubby went for raspberry ripple semifreddo with strawberry and basil compote, a decadent Italian concoction that's a cross between frozen mousse and ice cream.
And popcorn, which comes caramelised and wrapped around a vanilla semifreddo.
feeling y Fruit SUMMER FRUIT SEMIFREDDO (SERVES 6) feeling Fruit INGREDIENTS: 400g frozen mixed summer fruits; 100g caster sugar; 3tbsp water; 7 slices of white bread (about 170g), crusts removed, halved lengthways; 600ml double cream; 2tbsp golden syrup METHOD: 1.
Dip each piece of bread quickly into the fruit juice mixture and place around the edge of the dish vertically, slightly overlapping feeling y Fruit SUMMER FRUIT SEMIFREDDO (SERVES 6) fruit, a bring offwant down want Catch bowl.
Peas from the garden whizzed into a velvety soup crowned with crisply fried calamari; ricci -- sea urchins -- to be scooped out of their spiny shells, singing of ripe peach and the sea; a series of local fish served raw and translucent, dressed simply with oil, pepper and tiny slivers of tarocco (blood orange), including the famous red Sicilian prawns of almost candied sweetness; homemade spaghetti, fat and gorgeously al dente, into which the fragrant flesh of those ricci has been emulsified; a semifreddo of local pistachio.
For those with a sweet tooth, there's choice aplenty with vanilla semifreddo with mangoes, Tiramisu ( below) and pave WHERE: The Claridges, 12 APJ Abdul Kalam Road of Valrhona chocolate.
One of our most ordered desserts - Semifreddo - is a homemade creamy semifrozen vanilla flavoured dessert served with berries and balsamic vinegar.
Dessert is called Ice Candy for obvious reasons: A tube of avocado semifreddo is topped with shaved milk and served on citrus sugar and strawberry granita.