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Any of various partially frozen desserts with a mousselike consistency, made with eggs, cream, sugar, flavorings, and often other ingredients.

[Italian, half-cold, semifreddo : semi-, semi- (from Latin sēmi-; see semi-) + freddo, cold (from Vulgar Latin *frigidus, alteration of Latin frīgidus; see frigid).]


n, pl -dos
(Cookery) a partially frozen Italian dessert similar to ice cream
[Italian, literally: half cold]
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STRAWBERRY SEMIFREDDO SERVES 8 TO 16/1 HOUR, PLUS 6 HOURS TO FREEZE Streaks of berries throughout and more spooned on top make this classic Italian ice cream dessert a great finish to a spring dinner.
Tiramisu was individually made in a glass, and not all the ladies' fingers had hit the coffee, though a chocolate semifreddo was just about acceptable, sprinkled with hazelnut praline served on a slate smeared with creme fraiche scented with Frangelico.
To end, guests can indulge in a raspberry semifreddo and creamy ricotta cheese served with pear and a crunchy hazelnut biscuit.
Spoon the semifreddo into six 8- to 10-ounce coffee cups, leaving 1/2 inch at the top for the steamed milk.
Desserts such as Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart and Lemon Semifreddo will be curated by Mame Sowe and made fresh daily.
The slightly adventurous ones can dig into the semifreddo ( ` 550).
There's a semifreddo tartufato (chocolate truffle semifreddo ice cream covered in choc shavings); torta cioccolatina (choc sponge and choc ganache covered in choc); and a honey and walnut sponge with an espresso flavoured cream and an Italian name.
For the semifreddo (make the day before) Ingredients 6 egg yolks (100g) 100g caster sugar 30ml qater 250g mascarpone 250g whipping cream 100g Amaretto 1 leaf gelatine Method 1 .
Cool Food for Hot Days" with Mary Minor Diehl features Watermelon Lemonade; Avocado-Buttermilk Soup With Crab Salad; Chicken and Glass Noodle Salad; Angel Hair Pasta With No-Cook Tomato Sauce; and Fresh-Torn Basil and Meyer Lemon Semifreddo With Summer Berries.
Round off with Almond Semifreddo or Pistachio Brown Butter Cake.
From a list of eight creations named after famous Mediterranean locales, I chose Napoli, a molten chocolate cake flavored with Frangelico, lightly sauced in a mango coulis and raised further above the ordinary with a scoop of gianduja, the sweet chocolate and hazelnut paste confection, chilled to make a semifreddo ($8).
Priced at $49, menu items include lamb chops with rosemary-infused Carolina gold rice puppy and white cheddar sauce; duck breast sous vide with green lentil pancake, carrot pear hash, and maple vinegar pan sauce; as well as sweet potato donuts with buttermilk pecan praline and cafe latte semifreddo.