Seminal receptacle

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(Zool.) Same as Spermatheca.

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ogunnus species: longitudinal rows of spines on the frontal side of the basipodite of antenna 2 (Figure 2B), rows of spines on maxillulary palp (Figure 2C), projection on the intercoxal sclerite of leg 4 (Figure 2D), seminal receptacle with lateral amis broad and slightly curved backwards (Figure 2E) and furca naked on the inner margin (Figure 2F).
Yamaguti (1971) listed Tanaisia, Lepidopteria, Ohridia, Paratanaisia and Tamerlania, all as subgenera of the genus Tanaisia Skrjabin (1924) and differentiated the subfamily Tanaisiinae (having seminal receptacle while lacking Cirrus sac) from the subfamily Eucotylinae (having Cirrus sac while lacking seminal receptacle).
Ovary with smooth or slightly wavy edges, located to the right of acetabulum, immediately anterior to right testis, the oviduct emerges on mid lateral side of ovary, it enlarges immediately to form ootype, surrounded by Mehlis glands, which later forms a small seminal receptacle and Laurer's canal.
cribrarius shows continuous reproduction; females with rudimentary ovaries show an enlarged seminal receptacle, and subsequent reductions in the volume of this organ were confirmed macroscopically (Pinheiro and Fransozo, 2002).
Seminal receptacle median, immediately posterior to ovary, 170 (170-650) long by 70 (70-150) wide.
The proscopiid female internal genitalia are a seminal receptacle with a copulatory chamber that may be broad or narrow and of varied length, from which a single or several spermathecae arise.
3A, B), taking up an organization similar to that observed in the seminal receptacle of females of this species, where the euspermatozoa occur joined to the internal epithelial lining (Fig.
5) and the long seminal receptacle close to the spermathecae, with an apical star-shaped structure (Figs.
The oviduct is short and expands into a tubular serial seminal receptacle. This duct again narrows and widens into the muscular, kidney-shaped vagina.
Ovary some distance anterior to testes; some uterine folds posterior to ovary; Seminal receptacle anterior to ovary ....................