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n.1.(Anat.) One of the incomplete rings of the upper part of the bronchial tubes of most birds. The semirings form an essential part of the syrinx, or musical organ, of singing birds.
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Electronic auction: implementation of works on the construction of the facility "design and estimate documentation for the construction of the lososin highway from popova street to the second semiring in the residential area" drevlyanka ii "in petrozavodsk"
As a generalization of a ring, semiring was introduced by Vandiver [17] in 1934.
Since then the concept of semiring have been deeply studied by the mathematician and proved very helpful in information sciences.
In Section 4, we introduce the sign pattern semiring and show that our rank function in this case is equal to the dimension of the largest sign-nonsingular submatrix.
5, 1, 2, and 3 wt% NS in the primer formulation--0 wt% in the topcoat formulation) scratch resistance of MCs on yellow birch wood surfaces and (ii) investigate the role of the wood substrate (ring [hackberry], semiring [beech], and diffuse [sugar and red maple] porous hardwood species) on scratch resistance of MCs.
3 Graph parameters with values in a semiring and their Hankel matrices
A semiring means an algebra (S, +, *, 0, 1), where + and * are binary, 0 and 1 are nullary, satisfying the following conditions:
A Euclidean semimodule over a semiring R is a natural extension of a Euclidean semiring.
The mutual goal of these two projects is to provide significant unloading of Belgrade street network, particularly the urban highway relocating transit flows of heavy freight vehicles to the Bypass first and providing an alternative with one more bridge over the Sava River within the Inner SemiRing Road second.
Henriksen defined in [4] a more restricted class of ideals in semirings, which is called the class of k-ideals, with the property that if the semiring R is a ring then a complex in R is a k-ideal if and only if it is a ring ideal.
In particular, some structural theorems for a [theta]-Euclidean fuzzy k-ideals of semiring R are proved.